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All about Root Canal Therapy from Your West Des Moines Dentist

A Short Lesson in Tooth Anatomy

Understanding root canal therapy requires some knowledge of the structure of teeth. Our West Des Moines family dentist will explain how tooth structure is significant to root canal treatment. We will start with the outermost layer, called the tooth enamel. The hard, smooth enamel protects your teeth from bacteria. However, when acid erosion or teeth grinding weakens enamel, your teeth are more vulnerable to decay. Beneath the tooth enamel is the soft dentin. This layer is made up of tiny tubes that flex slightly with your teeth.

Beyond the dentin is the pulp. The sensitive pulp found at the center of the tooth houses all of the tooth’s nerves and living tissue. The pulp connects to root canals which travel down the tooth root and into the jawbone, creating a path for nerves and blood vessels. Sometimes these root canals can be oddly shaped or have tiny accessory canals that branch off from the main root canal.

Why Root Canal Treatments Are Necessary

When tooth decay reached the dentin, the microscopic tubes transmit bacteria to the pulp center. Once infected, the nerves inside the dental pulp will become damaged and transmit pain signals to your brain. These pain signals are reflected in toothache in some cases; although, not all internally infected teeth present symptoms. As the tooth decay travels down the tooth, the infection threatens dental abscess and jawbone deterioration. For the best results, addressing tooth decay at the first sign of cavities is vital.

Endodontic Treatment from Our West Des Moines Dentist

Root canal therapy treats cavities inside the tooth, removing the damaged nerves and infection, and building back the tooth. Our West Des Moines dentist has extensive experience in performing this endodontic procedure. Dr. Johnson has even taken continuing education coursed to hone her skill in root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatments

You can rest assured that at Valley Ridge Family Dental, we will take extra measures to ensure your comfort during treatment so that we can improve your oral health. For more information about restorative dentistry, contact Valley Ridge Family Dental by calling 515.223.9764. We serve West Des Moines, Waukee, Clive, Urbandale, and the surrounding communities.


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