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West Des Moines Dentist on Sinus Infections and Toothaches

Throbbing toothaches debilitate those afflicted. Toothaches could be caused by a number of things. Gum disease affects about 80% of adults in America and is known to cause toothaches, but another problem is commonly linked to tooth pain: sinus infections. When the sinuses fill with fluid, the bacteria within the fluid cause an infection. Swelling results from the infection and can cause pain in the upper teeth. Your West Des Moines gentle dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, outlines the difference between a sinus infection and a toothache.

Sinus Infections Cause Toothaches?

As discussed, above bacterial infections occur in the sinuses causing toothaches. These sinus infections usually occur following a bout with a cold or the flu. Once the sinus cavity fills with fluid, it can result in pressure around the entire face area. Primarily, back upper teeth are affected and can throb in pain. Antibiotics will usually be prescribed to deal with the infection.

How to tell the Difference

Toothaches can occur for a variety of reasons. Cracked teeth or fractured cusps can cause pain in some cases. Patients will feel pressure when eating which could be relieved once the cusp breaks off. Abscesses are capable of producing widespread, throbbing pain.

An abscessed tooth occurs when bacteria enters the root of a tooth and causes severe swelling. Abscesses will usually have to be treated with antibiotics, drained, or the tooth may need to be removed in some cases. Gum disease is another issue which could be causing tooth pain for patients. Brush twice daily, floss once daily, and always use an antimicrobial mouthrinse to attempt to prevent gum disease.

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