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West Des Moines Dentist: Ways to Get Happy

During the holiday season, people often find themselves in need of a mood boost. Studies show that the act of smiling can elevate a person’s mood dramatically. The findings from a decades-long study on smiling indicated that people who flashed a big smile in their high school yearbooks typically maintained healthier marriages, earned more for a living, exercised more, and live longer. Clearly, smiling can make lifelong impact on people. Your West Des Moines dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, discusses a few ways to get happy this holiday season.

Kiss More

The season for mistletoe recently arrived and maintaining a healthy mouth could make the experience more desirable for everyone involved. Bad breath can really drag down a romantic moment. Try chewing sugar-free gum regularly during this holiday to make sure your mouth is kissable.

Get Moving

Staying active can make a serious impact on overall health, but also helps reduce a person’s risk for periodontal inflammation. Research shows that people who exercise regularly show lower signs of inflammation throughout the body, including the gums. Although the weather might be frightening, try to get moving before the start of a new year.

Refrigerator Photos

Numerous people fail to surround themselves with pictures of family members and happy memories. The simple act of posting photos on your refrigerator can generate a recurring smile at the thought of family. Maybe while looking at photos, you realize your teeth could benefit from a brightening treatment. We can provide teeth whitening in our West Des Moines dental office. Many patients might notice that they conceal their smile in photos due to discoloration or staining. Coffee, smoking, and darkly pigmented foods can all leave teeth stained. Red wine also poses a threat to bright teeth. Eat hard cheese before indulging in a glass of red wine to limit red wine tooth stains.

Schedule Your Visit for the Holidays

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