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Des Moines Children’s Dentist: Teaching Preschoolers to Brush Their Teeth

child brushing teethHave you ever watched children brush their teeth? If you look over their shoulders, you’ll often find that they neglect parts of their mouths and that they speed through the process. Some may complain about brushing their teeth or refuse to do it at all. All the hassle involved in getting children to brush their teeth may tempt you into giving up on the whole endeavor. After all, baby teeth fall out eventually, right? While children do get a second set of teeth, neglecting to care for their baby teeth can cause health problems if tooth decay leads to infection. With so much riding on your child’s good oral hygiene, it’s important to do all you can to establish good habits. Here to help, your Des Moines children’s dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, shares tips for teaching preschoolers how to brush their teeth properly.

Teaching Aids for Tooth Brushing Class

  1. Let children pick out their own toothbrushes. If kids have toothbrushes that feature their favorite movie characters or their favorite colors, brushing their teeth becomes more exciting. Remember, if you make it fun, kids will participate without a fight.
  2. Stand behind children as they face the bathroom mirror. Taking up this position gives you a good view to see what’s happening. From your vantage point, you’ll be able to see if they neglect any spots.
  3. Teach them to brush in little circles. Have children brush the outside and inside surfaces of their teeth while angling the bristles down toward the gum line at a 45 degree angle. Have them work on one tooth at a time using circular brushing movements. Then have them brush the top surfaces of their teeth before spitting and rinsing.
  4. Play a song while they brush. The song will entertain them, and it will ensure that they brush their teeth for the proper duration.

Schedule a Visit with Your Des Moines Children’s Dentist

Your Des Moines children’s dentist, Dr. Johnson, makes children’s oral hygiene a priority. During checkups, children learn the basics of oral care. Your child should attend regular dental visits every six months. If it’s been six months since your child’s last dental visit, schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson by calling 515-223-9764. Our 50266 dentist office welcomes patients from West Des Moines, Waukee, Clive, and nearby Des Moines metro communities.


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