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Des Moines Dentist Discusses Smile Types

smiling woman black shirtWhat type of smile do you sport most often? Few people are aware of it, but researchers differentiate between two types of smiles called the Duchenne smile and the non-Duchenne smile. These smiles were named after a French neurologist by the name of Duchenne de Boulogne who founded the study of smiles. The differences that characterize the smile types lie in the muscles used as well as in the purpose behind the expression. Your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, discusses the smile types and how they might affect your longevity and your marriage.

Duchenne vs. Non-Duchenne

The Duchenne smile is meant to express happiness and enjoyment. It is often seen during laughter or expressions of joy. Physically, the Duchenne smile involves the muscles around the eyes, which is the main muscular difference between it and the non-Duchenne smile. More of a smile of appeasement, the non-Duchenne smile is not generated to express an individual’s emotions but to have an effect on someone else.

What is particularly fascinating about discussing smile types is that recent research has shown that people who frequently smile Duchenne smiles tend to live longer and suffer fewer divorces. The Duchenne smile imparts positive emotion, which can affect both the smiler and the people he or she interacts with.

Your Teeth and Your Smile

Understanding the effect that smiling can have on your life underscores just how important your teeth are. If you are uncomfortable with or embarrassed by your teeth, you are less likely to smile and express positive emotion. Thankfully, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Johnson, offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve your ideal smile.

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