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Des Moines Dentist Discusses Two Types of Teeth Stains

white smile 2Are your teeth the perfect color? If not, have you thought about whitening them? A white smile can really light up a room. Unfortunately, there are so many whitening products cluttering store shelves that it can seem overwhelming trying to sift through them all. In some cases, the teeth whitening products aren’t very powerful. In other cases, teeth don’t respond to whitening. Below, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, discusses two types of teeth stains and how cosmetic dentistry approaches each one to deliver a whiter smile.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Stains

Two types of stains can discolor teeth. What differentiates them is their location in the tooth. Intrinsic stains occur within the tooth, where whitening products cannot effectively reach them. They are typically caused by overexposure to fluoride, injury, and some medications.

Extrinsic stains occur on the surface of teeth. They result from the teeth’s exposure to dark pigments like those found in coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. Extrinsic stains may also result from some habits, like smoking. These stains are targeted by teeth whitening treatment and are typically removed successfully, providing that the whitening treatment is powerful enough.

Treating Intrinsic Stains

Because intrinsic stains do not respond to traditional teeth whitening methods, they must be dealt with another way. To improve the appearance of teeth with intrinsic stains, your Des Moines cosmetic dentist, Dr. Johnson, uses dental bonding to create a new and stain-free surface on the teeth. She does this by applying a composite resin material, the same material used in white fillings, to the teeth. Then she hardens the material with a curing light to ensure its durability.

Treating Extrinsic Stains

To treat extrinsic stains, your Des Moines cosmetic dentist, Dr. Johnson, offers take-home teeth whitening kits. Each kit includes customized whitening trays that patients will fill with a clinical grade whitening gel and place over their teeth for a specified treatment time. After 2-3 weeks of treatment, teeth will be noticeably whiter.

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