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Des Moines IA Dentist Lists Three Situations That May Require Tooth Extraction

tooth decay des moinesIn general, we tend to want to preserve our teeth. However, under certain circumstances, there are times when extraction is indeed the best decision. But what exactly are these circumstances? To learn about them, read below as your Des Moines IA dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, discusses three moments when tooth extraction may be necessary.

Three Factors That Can Necessitate Tooth Extraction

  1. When a tooth is broken beyond repair. When teeth suffer structural damage, a dental crown can typically be fitted over the top of them to lend additional strength and restore their appearance and function. Sometimes, however, teeth can become so damaged that a dental crown cannot be placed. In these cases, tooth extraction may be the best option.
  2. When decay has damaged a tooth too severely. Tooth decay weakens a tooth from the inside, and as it is hollowed out, its structural integrity lessens. A decayed tooth may break, but it may also develop an infection if bacteria reach its pulp. Such an infection puts the life of the tooth in peril and typically necessitates root canal treatment, which can step in and remove the infected pulp. However, if a patient has a compromised immune system, it may be necessary to extract the tooth altogether to ensure that the body is rid of the infection.
  3. When wisdom teeth may create problems. Emerging wisdom teeth can create several problems for the mouth. In some situations, wisdom teeth simply may not fit into the mouth, and thus, if they are allowed to grow in, they can cause orthodontic problems. In other situations, a wisdom tooth may not grow in completely and can become impacted, sometimes only partial erupting. In cases of partial eruption, infection is a serious risk because it is difficult to clean the tooth, and bacteria are able to move through the opening created by the half-emerged tooth.

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