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50266 Dentist Tells You What Gum Disease Looks Like and How To Prevent It

floss and brushGum disease has many nasty results that can turn a healthy mouth into a very unhealthy one. Chief among these results is the ability of gum disease to attack the ligaments and tissues that support teeth until they fall out or require extraction. However, the damage of gum disease extends even beyond the mouth. Research has correlated gum disease with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Thus, it is very important that you know how to prevent gum disease as well as how to recognize it so that you can ensure your continuing oral health. Read below as your 50266 dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, helps you protect your mouth form harm.

Recognizing Gum Disease

Gum disease has many symptoms that can vary based on the how far the disease has progressed. For instance, if a person is suffering from gingivitis, the gums may be puffy and swollen with a reddish hue and an increased propensity for bleeding. If however, periodontitis is the culprit, pockets may develop between the gums and the teeth. These pockets are teeming with bacteria and tend to create persistent bad breath. Treatment involves removing the bacteria from these pockets to allow the gums to reattach to the teeth. Other signs of periodontitis include loose teeth and shifting teeth.

Preventing Gum Disease

 The first line of defense against gum disease is homecare. Proper homecare involves brushing 2-3 times per day and flossing once a day. When brushing, it is a good idea to pay special attention to the gum line. By angling your bristles toward it, you can remove bacteria from these areas, lowering your risk of developing gum disease. Flossing is also very important because it allows you to clean areas of the mouth that a toothbrush is unable to reach. Finally, be sure that you attend regular dental cleanings. By attending these cleanings, you can have a professional clean and examine your teeth, reducing your risk of gum disease.

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