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Des Moines IA General Dentist Quizzes You on Tooth Decay

quiz chalkboardDo you brush and floss your teeth regularly? If you do, you are performing an important role in the prevention of tooth decay. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, bacteria are sometimes still able to succeed in damaging our teeth. Therefore, it is important that you know how tooth decay is treated as well as its potential dangers. To test your knowledge on the subject, take the following quiz from your Des Moines IA dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, and check your answers below.

Take the Quiz

  1. True or False: Neglecting a cavity is no big deal.
  2. True or False: An untreated cavity may require root canal treatment.
  3. True or False: Dental fillings are always important unless the tooth in question is a baby tooth.

Check Your Answers

  1. False. When a cavity is neglected, the bacteria responsible for the decay are permitted to delve ever deeper into the damaged tooth. As they inflict more damage, the structural integrity of the tooth can become compromised, making damage such as a crack or break more likely. The bacteria can also gain access to the pulp of the tooth, which they can infect, creating further problems.
  2. True. If bacteria are successful in accessing and infecting the pulp of a tooth, the tooth is in serious peril. Eventually it may die and fall out. However, there is no guarantee that the infection will remain limited to the tooth itself. Potentially, the infection could spread into the jawbone, throughout the mouth, or even into the rest of the body. To prevent the spreading of the infection, root canal treatment should be performed to remove the infected pulp and preserve the structure of the decayed tooth.
  3. False. Dental fillings are always important no matter the type of tooth.

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