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Identifying Causes of Toothaches

ToothacheWomanAches and pains are never fun, no matter what part of your body is assaulted by discomfort. Toothaches can be especially distracting. Try participating in the basic functions of your daily life – eating, talking, sleeping – with a nagging ache in your mouth. Are you prepared for a toothache?  Des Moines family dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, will tell you that sometimes you’re better off to prepare yourself in advance for possible toothache causes. This way, you won’t panic in the face of tooth pain, and can take quick action for an expedient resolve.

Prevention for Toothaches

Many people assume that a toothache is usually caused by tooth decay. This is actually a fair assumption. Luckily, avoiding cavities can be as simple as keeping up with your six month dental checkups and twice daily dental self-care routine. Even if you do end up with tooth decay, biannual cleanings will ensure that cavities are caught before they are bad enough to cause substantial toothache discomfort. Cavities that are ignored can become abscesses which require antibiotics and possible extraction, in addition to causing severe pain in most cases. When you have an abscess, you’re likely to notice a pimple-like bump where the pain is. This occurs as pus accumulates deep in the teeth, jaw, and/or gums.

Tooth Pain from Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth is another toothache causer that occurs as bruxism naturally wears away the protective outer layer of your teeth known as tooth enamel. When you damage your tooth enamel the underlying dentin is exposed making you more vulnerable to cavities, fractures, chips, and tooth sensitivity. Shallow fractures don’t necessarily need to be repaired. However, any damage to teeth should be evaluated, especially if the area is accompanied by toothache pain.

Visit Your Des Moines Family Dentist

Dr. Jessica Johnson is a dedicated family dentist who focuses on overall oral health and the value of preventive dental care for your whole family. Dr. Johnson is a member of the American Dental Association, the Iowa Dental Association, the Des Moines District Dental Association, and the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. Valley Ridge Family Dental gladly welcomes patients and their families from West Des Moines, Waukee, Clive, and all surrounding Des Moines communities. To schedule a consultation, contact us today by calling our office at (515) 223-9764.


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