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Is your Holiday Weight Gain Sticking Around too Long?

Lifting WeightsIt’s been over a month since the holidays. While you may have promised yourself every morning since January 1st that today was the day to start your diet, the best way to maintain healthy weight is to make small and lasting changes. Des Moines IA dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson, understands that sometimes you just need that one thing to get you started. What if your oral hygiene could inspire weight loss?

Curb Cravings with Oral Hygiene

What if you found out that you can lower your appetite by brushing your teeth? If you are wanting to drop a few pounds, consider brushing your teeth when cravings strike. This is particularly helpful if you eat fast. Your body takes time to sync with your brain and send messages of fullness. You may need about 30 minutes after your last bite of food to feel pleasantly and perfectly full. This is why so many of us tend to overeat. The minty taste and the distraction from brushing your teeth is likely to suppress your appetite long enough to let your digestive system and brain play catch up. So when your mind is telling you it wants seconds, try cleaning your teeth instead.

Make the Connection

You probably already know that sugar is bad for your waistline and your teeth. We are taught to limit our sugar intake from early childhood, though the preaching is usually much easier than the practice. Think about linking your oral and overall health. Sucrose feeds the germs in your mouth which cause tooth decay, and it also leads to weight gain. High-carbohydrate foods are converted into sugar, inciting more of these problems. Basically, giving up sugar and carbs (or drastically reducing your intake) is going to give you multiple benefits. When you look at things that way, don’t you feel more inspired to say no to unhealthy food and beverage choices?

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