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Quiz: What are Partial Dentures?


Tooth loss can lead to a number of health and esthetic issues. To maintain your dental health, you need to replace your missing teeth with as quality prosthetic. Partial dentures can help return your smile to full function and health.

Des Moines Partial Denture Quiz

1. True or False: Tooth loss can cause you to look older.

2. True or False: Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth.

3. True or False: Partial dentures look natural.

4. True or False: Often, dentures can be secured with dental implants.

Answer Key

1. True. When you lose a tooth, the body takes note of the missing root and stops supplying the surrounding jawbone with doses of calcium and phosphorus. Without these nutrients, the jawbone dissolves. This not only causes further tooth loss, but an aged appearance as well.

2. True. To replace multiple missing teeth for people who don’t yet require a full set of dentures, your Des Moines family dentist may recommend partial dentures. Partial dentures consist of replacement teeth with metal clasps on each end. The clasps attach to the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. The clasps anchor the new prosthetic firmly in place.

3. True. Our partial dentures will be designed based on impressions of a patient’s smile. The prosthetics will then be fabricated using lifelike dental materials.

4. True. In many cases, your full or partial dentures can be held into place with dental implants, providing fixed prosthetics that don’t slip when you eat or speak. Your Des Moines family dentist can help you decide if implant dentures or regular partial dentures are the best choice for your dental replacement.

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