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Avoiding Cavities from the Easter Bunny

Chocolate BunniesWith Easter around the corner, many people have exciting family plans. Sitting around a table on a warm spring day watching the kids hunt for eggs and catching up with loved ones, copious amounts of food will likely abound. The food we eat is certainly a big part of most celebrations. However, we need to be careful when life starts to revolve around food on a regular basis. West Des Moines dentist, Dr. Jessica Johnson wants you to remain aware that many of our dietary choices can have a detrimental effect on our teeth, especially around holiday times.

Sugar and Tooth Decay

Oh, all of those delicious pies, breads, potatoes, rolls, jelly beans, and chocolate. How can you say no at an Easter celebration? While you may curse your lack of will power and scold your children for eating too many sweets and drinking too many sodas at holiday parties, temptations go beyond the obvious. Starchy foods are just as bad as candies, cakes, and pies when it comes to the bacteria in your mouth creating lactic acid. As bacteria produce and spray acid all over your teeth, your strong tooth enamel which protects your gorgeous smile becomes demineralized. If you plan on indulging on Easter Sunday, ramp up your oral hygiene efforts by brushing and flossing your teeth well and often, and making sure you have a dental checkup on your calendar every six months.

Putting a Stop to Cavities

Tooth decay is progressive, which is why the American Dental Association (ADA) highly recommends biannual dental checkups. The small holes we call cavities are easiest to treat when they are found early. Newly formed cavities will usually require nothing more than a simple dental filling. Neglecting tooth decay will allow the bacteria to spread into the dental pulp below your gumline. This will likely require a root canal procedure.

Visit your West Des Moines Dentist

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