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Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Popsicle SensitiveIf you have sensitive teeth, extremes are probably an issue. Hot and cold  beverages are likely to create unpleasant experiences. Extremely sour or sweet foods and beverages can also cause you discomfort. Des Moines dentistDr. Jessica Johnson, is here to help if you find yourself cringing from sensitive nerves in your teeth.

Are your Teeth Weak?

Teeth are more than just what you see. The crown above the gumline is comprised of dentin covered by enamel, and is the most visible part of your smile. However, the real nerve center (literally) is called dental pulp. Dentin is full of tubules and responsible for transmitting sensations to the nerves below, in case there is something really wrong with a tooth. When protective tooth enamel is compromised because of acids and tooth decay, sensations can become much more intense without there necessarily being a serious problem. Your gums provide extra protection for the roots of your teeth, but they naturally recede with age or poor dental health. Someone with notably sensitive teeth is usually a victim of  dentin exposure due to gum recession.

Are you Being Hard on your Smile?

You might think that adding to your regular brushing routine will result in healthier teeth and gums, but it’s important that you strike a balance. Periodontal disease and tooth decay are direct results of poor brushing habits. However, you are also at risk for sensitive teeth, if you brush too often, or too hard. Timing is also important. While it’s a good idea to brush and floss after consuming a sugary treat, the acid from something like a soda or fruit pie (even a plain apple) will temporarily soften enamel. The best idea is to wait for 30 minutes so that your tooth enamel has a chance to recover from the erosive compound. In the long run, you’ll have less sensitivity to temperature extremes if you don’t under or over do it.

Visit your West Des Moines Dentist

If you are experiencing teeth sensitivity, schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson. Valley Ridge Family Dental offers comprehensive dentistry for the whole family. Contact our West Des Moines dentist office at (515) 223-9764. We are proud to serve patients in West Des Moines, Waukee, Clive, Urbandale, the 50266 zip code, and the surrounding Des Moines metro communities.


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