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Looking for Help for Halitosis?

Bad breath DateWhat summer fun do you still have ahead of you? Will there be frolicking on the beach? Picnicking in the woods? Candlelight dinners outdoors? If you plan on snuggling up with a significant other while you enjoy all of the great things warmer weather has to offer, you may want to be sure that your breath is check. Nothing can kill the moment during the perfect goodnight kiss quite like a whiff of stale halitosis.

Beware of What you Eat

Bad breath most often begins with what we eat. You may think that it’s just the odor that food leaves behind in your mouth. Yes, that can be the problem with pungent consumables such as onions and garlic. However, once swallowed and digested, foods are absorbed into your bloodstream. Blood flows to your lungs. When you breathe out, those same food molecules that were going in not that long ago, now come out in the form of a smell. The more odorous a food is, the more likely it will cause bad breath issues later. Unfortunately, when you have bad breath from the food you eat, mints, gum, and even brushing teeth may only mask the smell until the food has been entirely digested. Try to pay attention to foods you eat that seem to be followed by particularly bad breath, and then you can avoid that meal on future dates or occasions when you’ll be in close proximity with someone.

Alleviating Halitosis

Gum disease, diabetes, liver problems, and kidney issues can also cause continual bad breath. If you have a condition called xerostomia (more commonly referred to as dry mouth) you might also experience halitosis issues? How can you prevent this? Well, staying hydrated is one good way. Then your saliva production will be ample and your mouth will be less likely to feel dry as a desert. Keep up with regular oral hygiene – brushing twice-a-day and flossing daily. Try a germ-killing mouthwash. Bacteria can be the reason for bad breath, so keeping your mouth clean might be all you need. If you’ve tried everything and halitosis still persists, consult with Dr. Johnson.

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