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A Connection Between Breast Cancer and Dental Health

PinkToothbrushBreast cancer awareness has been on the rise over the years. Many women have heeded the warnings of doctors and peers. The fact is, early intervention and treatment is key to an excellent prognosis and a positive outcome, in spite of what is initially a jarring diagnosis. Dentists even weigh in on this matter by keeping patients awareness heightened that there is a relationship between oral health and breast cancer.

Oral-Systemic Health

Nearly 80% of Americans have some form of gum disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) led a study from 1985 to 2001 linking gum disease to a possible increased risk for breast cancer. There tends to be an ongoing debate about whether gum disease is directly related to various cancers and other health issues, but there is no question that the same bacteria which cause gum disease have been found in other parts of the body, leading experts to hypothesize that these bacteria might be responsible for higher consequences than just oral health.

Meticulous Oral Hygiene Recommended for Patients with Cancer

Patients undergoing chemotherapy may experience oral health issues. Some of the symptoms reported as a result of cancer treatments include toothaches with no visible tooth damage, dry mouth, sore throats, inflammation and infection in the mouth, strange tastes in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, and thrush (a yeast infection in the mouth). Maintaining your regular six month checkups is important to make sure that your compromised health will be in any further danger from the gateway of your mouth. Whether or not definitive proof exists of an oral-systemic connection, most patients with breast cancer, or any form of cancer, are not going to want to take any chances in a weakened state.

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