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Are you in on the Coconut Oil Trend?

oil of coconutOil pulling is a big health trend which is believed to have dental health advantages in addition to overall health benefits. When it comes to fighting tooth decay, any natural remedies you add to your regimen certainly can’t hurt, as long as you continue to brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste infused with fluoride, floss daily, and visit your dentist every six month. West Des Moines dentistDr. Jessica Johnson, will explain more on how scientists are researching coconut oil for potential to offer you a leg-up in your oral health efforts.

Why do we Get Cavities?

Before you can fight tooth decay, it’s important to understand how they form. Every time you consume foods or beverages, certain bacteria in your mouth ( Streptococcus mutans) consume the sugar and carbs in your meal and convert them into lactic acid. Although tooth enamel (which coats and protects your teeth from bacteria and infection) is the strongest substance your body produces, enamel is also highly mineralized and subject to acid erosion. The more frequently you eat and drink foods with sucrose, the more often your teeth are exposed to bacteria-produced acid. This saps your teeth of essential minerals as it softens and damages your enamel. If left unchecked, your enamel will fail and your teeth may develop cavities soon after.

Fighting Bacteria

Your body produces certain enzymes in order to properly digest and break down foods and beverages which you consume. Previous research studies have shown that common foods treated with similar enzymes exhibit an increased ability to neutralize harmful micro-organisms. Scientists from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland tested this phenomenon. Coconut oil provided a healthy method for thwarting harmful oral bacteria in early experiments. The researchers also discovered that enzyme-treated coconut oil, inhibited the growth of the S. mutans, although further research is required to determine how the reaction unfolds at the molecular level. Still, you can swish with coconut oil every morning for 30 minutes and many people report less plaque and tartar buildup and whiter teeth.

Visit your West Des Moines Dentist

Until coconut oil dental products become an available product, you can still actively work to prevent cavities. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and visit your West Des Moines dentist at least once every six months for a dental checkup and cleaning. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jessica Johnson, contact Valley Ridge Family Dental today at (515) 327-62230. Located in the 50266 area, we proudly serve patients from West Des Moines, Waukee, Urbandale, Clive, and the surrounding communities.


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