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Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Why Do Patients Need Sedation Dentistry?

Maintaining a healthy smile involves regular dental care, which may range from routine checkups to more extensive procedures like fillings or root canal therapy. For a variety of reasons, many people avoid receiving the basic dental care needed to ensure their teeth and gums remain in optimal health. One common reason is dental anxiety. People who fear the dentist often choose not to undergo even the most routine of dental procedures, which can seriously endanger their oral health. Other patients may live with developmental disorders or medical complications that make receiving even the most straightforward dental care procedures difficult, if not impossible.

At Valley Ridge Family Dental, Dr. Jessica Johnson and our staff offer a solution: sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, patients will receive a small dose of anesthesia to ensure they remain relaxed and calm throughout a procedure.

Inhalation (Nitrous Oxide) Sedation

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a long trusted method of sedation. A mask will be placed over the patient’s nose, which helps deliver a small dosage of nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. Soon, the patient feels relaxed and detached. Dr. Johnson can control how much gas the patient receives and once the procedure is over, the effects of the nitrous oxide wear off quickly. Unlike other sedation techniques, patients undergoing nitrous oxide sedation can safely drive after a procedure, allowing them to return to work or school alert and awake.

For patients with severe anxiety, Dr. Johnson understands that your discomfort is real. At Valley Ridge Family Dental, we strive to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. We will talk you through each step of the sedation process. Remember, regular dental care not only keeps your smile healthy and bright, but helps prevent the need for more costly and invasive procedures in the future.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jessica Johnson at Valley Ridge Family Dental, contact our office at (515) 223-9764. We serve West Des Moines, Waukee, Clive, Urbandale, and the surrounding Des Moines metro communities.


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